Analytics Exchange: Great for Both Nonprofits and Analysts

I just heard about the Analytics Exchange on an NTEN webinar by Eric Peterson, and it sounds like a solid deal all around. Here’s the deal:

  • An organization submits a project — a straightforward question to be answered through web analytics.
  • A “student” — anyone looking to improve their analytics skills — performs the analysis.
  • A mentor coordinates the project and offers advice.

I was surprised to hear Eric say the biggest limiting factor is the number of projects — they need more! It seems that organizations have more to gain from this than anyone else, so why isn’t there a mile-long wait list? Submit a project already!

The materials are super-clear and set good expectations about how the process works. I’m signing up and encouraging other folks at EDF to do so, too.

If anyone has participated in this, I’d love to hear about your experience.