Thursday Panel: How Can Your Organization Embrace Social Media?

Posted on August 2, 2010 Under Social Media

Gloria Pan and Suzanne Turner over at Turner Strategies kindly invited EDF to join another conversation about the big picture of changing communications.  Please join us Thursday at noon, if you’re here in DC. [Update: Video from the session is posted.]

This is a great chance for me to use the Way Back Machine and pull out some favorite slides — I was on a similar panel in 2008 at my first NTEN conference, and shared lessons from EDF’s earliest social media forays.

Here’s how I showed some of EDF staff’s early desire to blog:

And our first attempts to edit and approve blog posts:

Two and a half years was a long time ago! We’ve got many happy stories to share now. Here’s how Gloria describes the session:

For advocacy/nonprof orgs, one of the toughest barriers to effective use of social media is how to get key decision makers and other internal stakeholders on board because many are used to a world when all communications was taken care of by the comms department. There’s going to be a discussion about this very problem on Aug. 5 at noon at the Center for Nonprofit Advancement, organized by Turner Strategies.

Among other things,

  • The chief strategist from the American Association of University Women will talk about resource distribution and staff management from the executive leadership perspective;
  • Environmental Defense Fund [<– That’s me and my boss, Dave!] will look at training and other processes to educate and win over staff and other stakeholders;
  • and the Service Employees Union International will talk about the necessity of making the social media case over and over again, especially when there’s been a major change in leadership.

This is an important conversation for any communications/social media person still struggling with how to get buy-in to get your work done. Please join us.