Link: Why Most Facebook Marketing Doesn’t Work

This post on ReadWriteWeb was written from a for-profit perspective, but it applies to the nonprofit context, too. My key takeaways:

  • “Photo and video contests rarely work.” We haven’t seen this on Facebook, in fact we had nice response to our latest profile picture contest. But we’ve learned to be very cautious about photo and video contests in general for all the reasons mentioned in the post.
  • “Like blocks rarely work.” This is when you require someone to like your page before they get something from you. This was a surprise to me. I wonder if people react against the framing of it — you’re setting up a trade of information for a benefit (a market transaction) rather than being generous and counting on reciprocity (using social dynamics). I know I’ve felt grudging about giving away my “like” for a download, and the “like” didn’t last.
  • Consistent, lightweight engagement works. This make perfect sense, since this is what most people’s experience of Facebook is like.

I’d love to hear other thoughts on the original post.