EDF launches a new web site!

Posted on August 15, 2011 Under Management

This explains my posting silence over the past several weeks. Here’s a look at the old, left, and the new (click through for larger views):

Improvements you might notice:

  • Bolder look, with more engaging colors and larger photos
  • Clearer navigation, refined through a few rounds of user testing
  • More about the people who work here and what they do (check out the much-expanded Our people page)

But there’s a lot under that colorful surface, too.

We were working from newly clarified goals. For the first time, we were able to clearly prioritize among our many audiences. You’ll see material for a general audience and EDF’s supporters front and center now, with the more technical¬† material still accessible, but not as prominent.

We have a new content strategy, guiding what content we create and how we measure its performance. In a past post, I looked at why we made content such a key part of the redesign. We dropped about 80% of the content on the old site, and created a bunch of new material, with the help of the in-house writing and design team.

And finally, we switched to Drupal, leaving behind a proprietary ColdFusion-based content management system. We are happy to finally be in the modern age of publishing platforms.

There’s a lot of work ahead, to be sure — we now have to live up to our ambitious content strategy, transfer our other web properties to Drupal, and start testing and optimizing the site’s performance.

But this afternoon, we’re enjoying the new site and congratulating the whole team on a smooth, perfectly on-schedule conclusion to months of planning and work. Thanks everyone!!