What do you do with old Facebook pages?

Posted on March 27, 2012 Under Social Media

This week’s switch to the new timeline format is forcing us to confront a puzzle we’ve been putting off for a while: How and when do you retire a Facebook presence?

At EDF, we’re fortunate not to have┬ámany old Facebook pages hanging on, but the few we do have are awkward baggage. One goes back to the early days of Facebook when we were still working out our strategy for what gets its own page. Another was for a campaign that we thought would continue, but didn’t.

These pages have a few thousand likes each, and still get a little activity. We can’t message the fans, as we could with a group. And there’s no direct successor to these pages that we can point people to, so it doesn’t seem worth posting announcements.

We quietly redirect or replace web pages all the time. But something about hitting the “delete” button on a page with 3,000 fans seems like much more of a waste! What if we have a reason to communicate with them someday?

On the other hand, letting the pages sit there moldering away doesn’t seem like a great representation of our brand, either.

How have you solved this challenge? If you have a graceful strategy for retiring old pages, I’d love to hear!