Content strategy: Slides and follow-up from NTC

Thank you to everyone who attended my session at NTEN’s conference last weekend — the questions and conversations were great! It was inspiring to hear that my experience at EDF sounded so familiar to you, and that lessons learned could translate to other organizations.

Several of you asked for slides, which are posted below. However, I made them as a supplement to the conversation in the room, so I don’t think they stand alone. The collaborative notes turned out well, and can help fill in the gaps.

But all the chatter and questions afterward made it clear that we have more to talk about! So I have two more follow-ups:

  1. I’ll post more here to delve into some of the issues that got the most interest, and give updates and details on some of the new things we’re trying. Suggestions? Please send stories and questions!
  2. I started a Google Group to foster many-to-many conversation — please sign up and connect with others who might be in similar situations.