Content strategy: Slides and follow-up from NTC

Thank you to everyone who attended my session at NTEN’s conference last weekend — the questions and conversations were great! It was inspiring to hear that my experience at EDF sounded so familiar to you, and that lessons learned could translate to other organizations.

Several of you asked for slides, which are posted below. (more…)

Why these two NTEN sessions are worth your vote

I’m excited to have two session proposals in the mix for the 2012 NTEN conference in San Francisco. Voting is open, and I appreciate your support.

Is it time to redesign your web site?
How to tell and how to fix it

This is an idea that Farra Trompeter and I hatched last year, and I’m looking forward to working with her on it. Farra is a top-notch session facilitator. The last time we presented together, she¬†structured the session thoughtfully and coached us into being the most well-prepared panel I’ve ever been part of. You are in excellent hands with her, and you will learn exactly what she says you will.

Content strategy: A case study of creating content with a purpose

This is a continuation of the all the learning I’ve done about content strategy over the past year. We’ve gotten through the build and launch of our new site with a new content strategy to guide us. Now we’re figuring out what it means to live with one, day in and day out.¬† I don’t know exactly what lessons we’ll have to share with you by April, but that just makes it more exciting, right? It’s likely to be a mix of straight-up results and organizational lessons.

Thanks for checking them out and for voting for them — you wouldn’t want to miss out on a chance to make me do more work, would you?

Top 3 Most Helpful Content Strategy Resources

Developing a content strategy was a new challenge, and I found myself turning to a few resources over and over. In case you, too, are ready to embark on this challenge, here are my trusty companions: (more…)

Content Strategy: What it is and why you need one

Plan, by Flickr user Tintern

Last year when we embarked on our redesign (still in progress!), we tried to prioritize. We asked, “If we could redo only one component of the site, which would it be?”

We didn’t pick graphic design, or information architecture, or even our aging publishing platform. We thought the best way to improve key metrics was to re-think the site’s content. To us, that meant not only the text of the articles, but the use of images, videos, micro-copy, interactive graphics and features — all the material on the site that helps convey ideas.

That led us off in search of a different kind of redesign. Along the way, we learned a new phrase, “content strategy,” and met a few “content strategists.” This approach has become a powerful tool for us, so I thought I’d share how we got here.