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Seminar and webinar on the changing media landscape, Oct. 15 at 12 pm ET

Seminar and webinar on the changing media landscape, Oct. 15, 12 pm ET

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s gig with Colin Delany and Suzanne Turner.

Here are links to some of the things I’m talking about or showing screen shots of:

Training a Big Crowd: The Social Media Game

At EDF, we’ve been running social media trainings for several years now. We’re comfortable doing everything from individual coaching sessions to multi-hour, multi-location videoconferences. But we’re tacking a new that’s calling for all the resourcefulness we can muster.

A sample card from the deck we're basing our cards on.

A sample card from the deck we're basing our cards on.

For the big EDF all-staff retreat next week, we have quite the challenge — how do we get all 350 EDF staff comfortable thinking about using social media media to advance their goals? As we talked through the options, we came up with a few criteria:

  • Doing something is much better than listening to someone talk about doing something.
  • What they do has to be realistic — the point is that social media are relevant to actual work that EDF does, not that it will help them sell pizza.
  • We have to provide enough structure that people new to social media won’t get stuck or lost.
  • We want working groups of 8 to 10 — small enough that everyone can be heard and no one can hide, but big enough to get lots of perspectives and good discussion.

We’re grateful that EDF staffers Julie Stofer and Dave Witzel pointed us toward a framework that sets the stage beautifully. Created by Beth Kanter and David Wilcox, the Social Media Game is designed with all these criteria in mind.

Better yet, it’s open source, with lots of examples of how it’s been used freely available for us to build on and learn from. We’re adapting the game with help from Teresa Crawford. As far as we’ve heard, no one has tried to run this at more than 40 tables simultaneously before…we’re breaking new ground!

T-minus one week. Watch here for updates!

User Testing on the Cheap

The folks at Forum One were great to work with — they put together a very polished event. Here’s the segment I did.

The topic proved so engaging that they’re exploring it again in a seminar this Nov. 5.

Note: The presentation only makes sense with the sound, so hit the play button and turn up your volume!