Presentations and workshops

I’ve enjoyed these discussions with colleagues who have great insights and complementary experience. Where possible, I’ve linked to some of the material that’s still hanging around the Internet.

Web sites and content

  • Planning for Day 2: How to keep your site current: Upcoming at NTEN’s 2015 conference, partnered again with the fabulous Farra Trompeter. Here’s the preview, and sign up so I know you’ll be there!
  • Content strategy: Having one is easy… In this NTEN 2013 solo presentation, I took a frank look at EDF’s challenges in sticking to a content strategy, with plenty of lessons for others. Slide and notes.
  • Is it time to re-think your website? The oft-requested session that Farra Trompeter and I originally hosted at NTEN’s 2012 conference. The session overview includes the best handout ever — a flowchart to help you sort through the question. Full session slides still available, too.

Campaigns and Social Media

  • New Communications Strategies for Nonprofits: With Suzanne Turner and Colin Delany, hosted by Get the handouts and podcast here (log in as comstrategy with the password new).
  • How Nonprofits Are Advancing Issues: I had a lot of fun at this discussion with Doug Ulman from LiveStrong and Dan Morrison from 1Well. The session was part of the New Media Academic Summit, hosted by Edelman. Video and Twitter transcript.
  • Are you ready? We looked at how organizations are preparing for the new world of social media, part of the NTEN conference in 2008. Session overview.
  • Roundtable on clean energy campaigns, hosted by Alan Rosenblatt and the Center for American Progress. Session description.
  • Tips for Facebook campaigns: was kind enough to post these tips way back in the early days of Facebook.

User Research and Branding

  • Website as a Brand Experience: The room was way too packed, but the attendees were super-focused, and I learned a ton from the extremes we had within the panel! NTEN, April 2009. Session details and slides.
  • User Research on the Cheap: Presentation at a Web Executive Seminar hosted by Forum One Communications, May 2008. Slideshare presentation.
  • Website Usability: In addition to sharing our own examples, the panel critiqued several sites of other NTEN 2008 participants. Session details, slides and recording.
  • Launch of the first e-Benchmarks study, spearheaded by M+R in April, 2006. EchoDitto’s summary.

Putting Tools and Technology to Work

  • Search Engine Optimization: Beyond Keywords: At NTEN’s 2010 conference, I covered how to help your organization carry out an SEO strategy — who to train and how to make it easy for them. Session slides.
  • Online Maps: Not Your Grandmother’s Map: Also at NTEN’s 2010 conference, I shared a story of how EDF used a map to encourage New York’s Mayor Bloomberg to reconsider a policy. Session slides (mine aren’t included…I’ll post about this sometime, though!).